A series of videos to support SFA cashmere certification for cashmere herders in Afghanistan.
A series of videos for USAID (US Agency for International Development), supporting ongoing project ACEBA in Afghanistan.
I was assigned by Arte TV to create an audio visual photographic essay, in the lead up to Brexit. I created ten episodes exploring Brexit Britain through the words of those who voted to stay, and those who were all too keen to leave.
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Arte TV Reportage - Eau Secours. A documentary about the history and control of water in Palestine and Israel, by Martin Middlebrook and Nicolas Wild.
Roohullah was my fixer in Afghanistan. Because of his support to western media, his life was threatened, there was an attempt on his life, and he fled the country. He is now waiting for asylum in the Netherlands. I have directed a documentary for Arte TV about his story. It will be broadcast on the 4th November, 2017.
MARTIN MIDDLEBROOK / Arte TV Bhutanese Refugee Documentary
In autumn 2013 Martin Middlebrook was assigned by Franco/German TV Channel Arte to form part of a reportage team that would document the lives of Bhutanese Refugees living in Jhapal district of Nepal.  In 1992 the Bhutan government commenced a policy of ethnic cleansing, and some 107,000 refugees were driven across the border, initially into a kind of no man’s land, and eventually on into eastern Nepal. The Nepalese government washed their hands of this humanitarian disaster, and so the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) established five camps.
Twenty two years on and several years into a resettlement programme only 30,000 refugees still reside in the camp, the vast majority having begun a new life in the west, predominantly the US. The team consisted of Régis Wernier, legendry Oscar winning film director (Indochine), distinguished writer Fatou Diome, and brilliant French cartoonist Nicolas Wild. Over a period of two weeks each created a unique execution that personally expressed their experiences in the camp.  The documentary will be broadcast in September 2014, with significant coverage on the web and also internationally in the traditional print media. The documentary series will go on to explore three other refugee camps, and the content created will be compiled into a book later in 2015.
MARTIN MIDDLEBROOK / Arte TV Afghanistan Interview
In 2011, Franco-German TV Arts Channel produced a 10 part series looking at 10 years of conflict in Afghanistan. Martin Middlebrook was asked, along with 9 other photographers, including Steve McCurry, to discuss 10 of his images from this war ravaged country. Martin explains his philosophy, and what inspired him to take his chosen images.
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