After day one of travelling hundreds of kilometres and not taking a photo, I decided to shoot through the window of our Toyota Hilux. We were going to spend weeks in this vehicle with nothing to do - might as well build a portfolio.
The windows were tinted for our security, and it lent all the images a polaroid effect - which I embraced. The more it rained, the more the windows misted up or became mud spattered, the more it added a patina that enhanced everything that sped by.
A year later I began to revisit these and other textural images I had taken, to see what I could do with them. They already had this 1960’s film look from the colour shift through the tinted glass, and I decided I would colour grade them as I had remembered that long journey through Pará State, trying in some way to keep the essence of all I had seen and heard and smelled.
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