I don't essentially believe that a single image without a caption can tell a story. The notion that photojournalism is objective is simply not true, and for most, if not all, every image seen has the capacity to mislead - it's the essential skill of the photographer and the fallibility of human nature.
A couple of years ago, I sat down to review all my work from Afghanistan, to see if perhaps there was another way to express a snapshot in time. All my images reside in folders labelled by the calendar date they were shot. I began to see that images seemed to form clumps of similar aesthetic, of texture and energy and light from that days shoot.
I began to research the news from those dates, Googled what had happened across Afghanistan, or delved into historical location stories, and in time realised that 'comping' these daily folders, and incorporating the essential news from that date, created a far more compelling, a far more accurate truth, than any single un-captioned image could.
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