No Story
“There is no story. It’s just a question of shapes and light.” Harry Gruyaert, Magnum
Photojournalism and documentary photography is about conveying an interpreted story through a single image, or a curated portfolio. But as Harry Gruyaert, the brilliant Magnum photographer says, sometimes there is no story. These images, taken on the streets of Paris are just that, a question of shapes and light – nothing more.
You of course can interpret what you wish, and they do express a view of how life is in Paris in the 21st Century – after all, photojournalism is as much about inferring a story from the photograph, after the event, as much about building a narrative when we edit retrospectively.
We all receive our messages differently, we often miss the truth of an image. But light and form never lie.
Boulevard de Bastille and Bassin de L'Arsenal #1
Steps under the Quai de Tuileries from Passerelle Solférino #2
Église-Notre-Dame-de-L’Assomption, Rue Saint Honoré #3
Boulevard de la Madeleine #4
Rue d'Amsterdam #5
Quai Voltaire #6
Rue de Provence #7
L'église de la Madeleine #8
Galerie de Montpensier, Le Palais Royal #9
Boulevard de Bastille #10
Boulevard des Italiens #12
Les Halles, Chatelet #13
Rue d'Amsterdam #14
Rue Saint Honoré #15
Cour Careé, Musée de Louvre #17
Rue Cambon #18
Rue Drouot #19
Rue Saint Honoré #20
Quai des Tuileries #21
Rue Saint Honoré #22
Rue de Castligione #23
Quai des Tuileries #24
Rue Saint Honoré #25
L'église de la Madeleine #26
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