Earth's End Three

Earth’s End is an ongoing project, documenting the Atlantic Ocean, looking westward from Finistère, on the west coast of France. I returned in February 2017, determined to chronicle the devastating tempests that hit this part of the European coastline. I was bedevilled by weather and technical issues. A broken camera, a dead laptop, and 150kmh storms. Dead skies and dead seas. On the occasionally calm days, when the sun broke through sweeping clouds, I could get back to long exposures, the slowing of time - a different way to bear witness to a world determined by the lunar cycle - full moons and high tides. But most days I was forced to shoot at 1/2000th of a second, to hand hold, to clean lenses and filters and bodies between each shot. Covered in sea salt and searching for some purchase on terra firma, a new respect for the awesome power of mother nature formed in me. It’s what I had craved to observe, to shoot, but its immensity was beyond my imagining, and most often, beyond capturing. All prints are available as Limited Edition Prints. For further information go to the Prints page.

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