Earth's End

Fine Art Seascapes I have a house in Finistere of the west coast of France - Finistere means 'the end of the earth'. It is the most westerly point in France and if you were to set sail and head west across the vast Atlantic Ocean, the nearest land you would sight, would be America, some 5,200 km away. No wonder the Bretons called it the end of the earth. 'Earth's End' is a series of ‘seascapes’ – abstract fine art pieces, with not a single person in them. But in fact it is all about people. I wanted to try and understand why people from the area have such a deep connection, an affinity with the sea. It seems to be in their DNA. So by literally looking at the ocean day after day, feeling its rhythm, understanding its tides and energy, I have come to appreciate more completely how important the sea is to them. This is an ongoing project, but each time I work on it, my connection to the people and the ocean grows ever deeper.

All prints are available as Limited Edition Prints. For further information go to the Prints page.
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